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    Hey there, Nice to meet you! I go by the name Twelve and I'm 26 years old. My primary profession is a Graphic Designer, it is what my day job revolves around. I've been around a few development forums for private servers dabbling in a little bit of everything over the years to be honest. Web design/development, general design (reskin, banners, anything graphical), GUI development, modelling, map development, and various languages (though fluent in near none). Originally I got into the Conquer Online scene and GunZ Online scene around 13 or 14, was around for quite a few years and then disappeared. Life grabs you by the balls sometimes, I never left the net or anything but I had rather changed my focus. I got back into gaming related content a few years back when I managed to find spare time I could devote to it. Not any development, pretty much just straight up gaming... I ended up starting a clan/community which turned out quite good over the few years things thrived. At some point we slowly parted ways and I have had more free time to get into random projects here and there once again. Somehow I ended up back at Conquer Online actually, and I am now running a server again. Things seem to be going well so far and it's giving me something to do and more to learn. I think it took me over an hour to write this one post going back and forth to Discord messages! I hope to get some good use out of this forum and also potentially be useful. Thanks for having me, Twelve

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