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    Well, in the case of a real MMORPG struggling to keep up with growth, all current MMORPG servers can't scale a single map beyond a certain point. There's a technical and game quality reason to introducing server player caps. There are reasons why MMORPGs split their playerbase across realms or continents. At some point, you just can't keep accepting players, whether that's a server resource issue or client performance issue. If we want to talk experimental, you could make Kubernetes nodes completely stateless, and instead store state across all servers in Google Memorystore or Cloud SQL (which returns queries in microseconds to single digit milliseconds). If you need more nodes processing packets from players, you simply spin up more nodes. It would be expensive, but it would work... in theory. It just wouldn't scale well with smaller to medium/large loads. For most cases, the model I chose for Chimera would be a "best fit". I mean, all players running around on the same map at planet scale would freeze any computer on earth, anyways.

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