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    Introduction Conquer Online has a notoriously bad website. Their patch notes have been broken since 2010 and have never been fixed. This threads helps construct a full history of major patches for Conquer Online. I may continue updating this thread, but with Conquer Online being a declining game, it may not. Technical details of patches end around 5600. Conquer 1.0 The original client is buggy and difficult to run on modern versions of Windows. Though the client was clean and had a unique brown-wood interface which is no longer available, it's not recommended that you run these versions. You can easily take the interface from these patches and apply it to early Conquer 2.0 patches which are more stable. 4217 - The alpha release of Conquer 1.0 with 16-bit graphics and open PK across all maps. 4267 - New item looks and 32-bit graphics. The last major patch for Conquer 1.0. Conquer 2.0 The golden standard for classic servers. Most run on patch 5017, since older patches are less stable. My favorite patch from this series is 4294 since the interface is extremely clean without CPs, potency, etc. It's Conquer 2.0 at its bare core. 4282 - The first patch for Conquer 2.0 with a new blue interface. Some graphical glitches. 4294 - The first Christmas in Conquer with some fixes for graphical issues. The cleanest Conquer 2.0 patch. 4348 - Conquer Points added (CPs) and the shopping mall. Potency and second reborn added at some point. 4353 - Background music and fix for patch 4351, which contained a virus (no longer available to download). 5002 - Demon Exterminator quests, +12 items added, WuXing oven, new methods of adding sockets, and GMs are blue pigs. 5017 - New fonts, nobility ranks, pathfinding, auto team invite, chat filters. 5022 - Guild leaders get 3000 CPs when winning guild wars, trade partners, item locks, PK rules changed, level increased to 137. 5031 - New client with gold dragons and watercolor background added with cleaner looking buttons. Conquer 2.0 New Dynasty A favorite era for most in the community, but divisive. Ninjas were a difficult addition as they resulted in class unbalance. The addition of talismans were also divisive as it gave preference to paid players. This was a very clear sign that most free players were just content for paid players, and a large percentage of the community left to create private servers. 5053 - New hairstyles added, new shields and headgear options, flame lit event. 5066 - TQ official servers leaked, many exploits. Confiscator system, arrows auto-reload, new item composition system. 5078 - Talismans, guild war halos, and flower rankings added. 5095 - Ninja class, bound equipment, PK tickets no longer required. 5103 - Quiz show added and a disconnection bug was fixed. 5127 - Enlightenment system, interaction emotes, new chat log interface, and world chat. 5135 - Some interactions removed for being a bit too explicit (can easily be re-added to client until patch 5290). Conquer 2.0 Raiding Clans Another favorite era which introduced horses for mounted travel. Arenas and clans were fun additions to PVP, but the expansion was pretty short lived. Lots of private servers in the community emulate these patches. First and last names were removed almost as quickly as they were added. 5165 - Frozen Grotto map, mounts, clans. 5187 - Martial arsenal system, arenas, and couple PK tournament. 5212 - Poker system, alternative equipment switching, refinery, horse racing, item stabilization, arena store, first and last names. Conquer 2.0 Legends Return This expansion added a lot of good and bad. Most legacy players quit at this point due to more unbalance added by Monks and item systems. Though, mounted combat and mount armor gave a lot of players more customization options. PVP was a big center focus as TQ attempted to win back players (hence the expansion name). 5250 - Subclasses, artifact system, weapon accessories, boss hunting, new warehouses and shopping mall. 5290 - Reincarnation, pure skills, permanent stones, clan qualifiers, elite PK tournaments, hide buttons button. 5310 - Max level increased to 138, new house maps and horse racing maps, logout button added, create character auto-logs in. 5355 - Monk class with updated skills. 5376 - Team PK tournaments, capture the flag, team qualifiers, new spear and wand skills, and escort missions. 5395 - First macOS client. New garments, VIP window, wrangler subclass, and mount armors added. 5517 - Guild recruitment, new menu options, mounted combat. Conquer 2.0 Invasion of Pirates Lots of players left again with the introduction to pirates and skill boosting systems which off-balanced the classes even more. Besides the large boost to paid players which led to large player gaps, the lore of Conquer Online was also broken. The Japanese were pirates, not the Chinese (who barely knew how to fish). Most of the private server community ignores patches higher than this, as community interest in Conquer Online is dead at this point. Nation flags also led to more racism and nationalism between players. 5570 - Pirate class, new pirate themed maps. 5607 - New skills and weapons added for ninjas and warriors to help them compete with other classes. 5619 - Mine caves removed due to abuse from botters, first anti-bot system patch added which began to kill the botting scene. 5622 - Chi system added, which allowed players to dump money into stats. 5639 - Nation flags, more gambling systems, new composition and subclass systems. Conquer 2.0 The Oriental Assassin Ignoring the bad translation of the expansion name using racist terminology, this patch introduced additional PVP options and map overhauls. For those still in the game, these were very welcome changes that brought some players back for a short time. Other systems that focused on paid players and gambling again also drove them away. Private servers rip maps from these patches. Most patches from now on are for temporary cash-grabbing events and free tickets to try gambling/lottery. 5697 - Assassin profession added to archers, composition systems added to one Forge menu. 5706 - Skills and items modified for assassins and archers. 5729 - Champion's arena, character transfer options, and hunting bots built into client for paid players. 5761 - Jiang Hu added for partitioned overworld PVP anywhere. 5838 - Conquer 3.0 as a remake is canceled, and maps are overhauled and merged into Conquer 2.0. 5920 - Epic quests for getting overpowered weapons in the game, Sky Path event, and Apex of the Forbidden City event. 5932 - Roulette wheels and gambling game managers added, cross server travelling, attribute point manager, login rewards. 5939 - New character creation, Ninja war events, and ninja skills. Conquer 3.0 King of Kung Fu TQ got very shamelessly money grabby at this point and embraced sucking wealthy players dry. They experimented with a lot of ways to draw in crowds of players, but this ultimately demanded that players spend large amounts of money to compete and participate in these events while holding a large sum at the end of the event for them. It turned into a gambling competition for real world money, which is a dangerous bridge to cross. The game is only gambling and PVP at this point, which is where I lost focus on keeping up with events. 5987 - Dragon Warrior class added, mine caves return, new bosses, new server events for paid players. 5993 - Way of Heroes system added to aid in level up experience, tower ascension event with eSports prize. 6000 - Added quests which can reward you 690,000 CPs for already being completely overpowered. 6005 - Added bidding for a Kingdom Guild War event (the higher you bid, the greater the chance you can compete). 6023 - Increased server transfer price, added more poker tables, slot machines, wheel of fortune, and more gambling games. 6073 - Removed Flash dependency from the login screen and updated with new art for Taoists. Conquer 3.0 Taoist Ascending At this point, TQ continues to embrace that their game is unbalanced and broken. They hold tournaments for battle power (potency) and continue to host routine gambling game events and items which improve attributes. They begin boot-legging mounts and bosses from Blizzard games and pop culture. This will continue for the rest of Conquer's history so far (ripping from anime, games, movies, etc). 6075 - New epic weapon and skills for Taoists, sashes are now mobile warehouses with 200 slots. 6085 - New login screen image, new boss which looks very Diablo ripped called "The Chaos Ripper". 6118 - Fast & Furious event which is just a race on a previous event with higher CP rewards. 6216 - New PK log interface for showing who you've killed. Conquer 3.0 Might of Shadow Fan I can no longer write descriptions for these expansions. It really is the same formula over and over again now. Introduce a new class and weapons that people need to pay money into, introduce new PVP and poker tournaments for paid players, steal content from other games, rinse and repeat. 6385 - New Windwalker class, weapons, and skills. 6569 - Cross server poker, team PK tournaments, and guild wars which they call "Super Guild Wars". Conquer Online past this point is not worth looking at. They add Dominos gambling games, more lottery, even more poker tables and "instant play" poker features, devils from Diablo, mounts from World of Warcraft, ninja skills and tailed beasts from Naruto, the nether from Minecraft, in-game FIFA world cup betting, etc. Do yourself a favor and don't invest in Conquer. It crashed in 2014 and never recovered.
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