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  1. Smallxmac

    Hello world - Zen

    Hi @Zen, Glad to have you here, this board is mostly made up of people with similar stories to yourself. I have also taken an interest in packet sniffing and packet analysis in conquer. I hope you can spark some great conversation and discussion. Lots of people here like well put together technical discussions. Looking forward to discussing with you more, welcome to CoolDown!
  2. Smallxmac

    Chimera: Conquer Online Private Server Project

    Ah yes exactly, I just thought it would be a fun thought exercise if anything. This entire project, in general, is just overkill, to be honest, but it is fun none the less. I completely agree that this is an awesome exercise in a hard distributed computing problem that should hit all the hard parts of communication, data syncing and scaling.
  3. Smallxmac

    Chimera: Conquer Online Private Server Project

    I like your approach. You follow some of the ideas that I derived when I was prototyping a scalable environment. One of the biggest concerns I had was the number of entities on a particular map. One thing I thought about was chunking regions and having nodes to handle that, but you would then just scale the issue lower. For example, the bottleneck would then be on the number of players in a particular chuck. You would also have to handle cross chunk communication and they are visible. Another idea I had was possibly scaling channels. For example, if too many people are in TC and it proves to be a bottleneck it might be an option to start a new TC map and move players to that instance. The main problem I found with that is separating the players, in some cases that might not be a possibility (GW). This is just all assuming there was a bottleneck to begin with, this is all just for thought really. What are your ideas on such an issue? If said issue is present, how would you overcome it?
  4. Smallxmac

    Hello, beautiful people

    Glad to have you here, welcome to the forum. I feel as if we have some common background in terms of when we got into Conquer Online. It would be nice to have your perspective as a GFX artist in a primary programmer community. How is your server going? What are some of the challenges you ran into when getting back into the community?
  5. Smallxmac

    Tasks in Golang

    I was more asking about design inspiration, but that just seems subconscious to you from the background you have had.
  6. Smallxmac

    Chimera: Conquer Online Private Server Project

    How will you determine the scalability or what metrics would require a new realm node to spawn?
  7. Smallxmac

    Comet - Open Source Conquer Online Server

    @foxbat I do not understand the picture that you linked. You VSCode open in just a .vscode folder. This does not give any useable information. Examples of useful information might be build logs. I would start by learning how to create a C# project like hello world or something.
  8. Smallxmac

    Chimera: Conquer Online Private Server Project

    It looks like there is a large number of internal communication. Are you concerned with latency issues? Also, it seems that every module is dependent on other modules, how will you handle the reliability of modules? I would imagine some clever heathchecks with k8n would be a good place to start.
  9. Smallxmac

    Tasks in Golang

    Was this generally based on tasking or also based on the TPL?
  10. Smallxmac

    TV Cabinet Project

    I think this is a pretty awesome look. It is great that from a normal standing height you will not be able to see the LED bar. I really don't care for seeing the actual light, rather just the effects.
  11. Smallxmac

    Projekt Analytix (Discord Bot)

    The reflection based lamda expressions are a pretty cool thing I remember doing with NPCs when I decided to program in conquer for like 10 days lol. Over all pretty good! I did not have alot of time to look at the code though.
  12. Smallxmac

    WPF Basics (Streamed Lesson)

    If you ever want to check out F# you can follow a pretty functional elmish pattern with https://github.com/Acadian-Ambulance/vinyl-ui It allows MVC binding for winforms and WPF Disclaimer: I helped write this before it went public.
  13. Their is so much cool stuff to do once you are able to get a powerful CI/CD pipeline. The first time I was able to have a couple of docker containers run under a load balance for uninterpreted updates was amazing. It was a very simple example, but cool as hell. I really am looking forward to github actions, not sure when it would be coming out, but github is the place for OSS atm.
  14. Smallxmac

    WPF Basics (Streamed Lesson)

    Nice videos, I remember watching one of your videos about sockets a long time ago. I have not used WPF in quite some time. When I did I remember using caliburn micro as my binding library. It was very convention based though. Everything had to be named certain ways to expect things to work. That enforces a standard convention, but also may be confusing when you are just look in from the outside. Keep up the great work!
  15. Really awesome seeing you use the blogs to post the progress and showcase here. This is truly a good use of your music background along with your technical knowleage. I wish the best for this. It for sure seems super promising!
  16. Smallxmac

    Hi Cooldown

    Welcome to cooldown, Know @Omicron has spoken to me about those web frameworks before. Most people on this forum currently have knowleage in C# and can assist with learning and collaboration. Thank you for the kind words about cooldown.
  17. I am really not a fan of working with SVN in general. More so when I have to collab and the locks just get in the way.
  18. I have use most the the big name source control companies between personal projects. I use bitbucket daily for work, they have a good platform if you use all the features together (jira, CI/CD, PRs, etc). That alone can get pretty expensive quickly for a company. At my work we use bitbucket for source control and gitlab for issue tracking. I want to unify on gitlab so that we can have commits and PRs that will close issues, but I can't make those calls. Personally I have been using gitlab to do my personal projects that I want to keep private. I like them for their CI/CD platform. As @Omicron stated, github is my goto for anything I would like to be public. I feel like this is just part of the industry. The github actions will likely push things over for me on private repos. Github can be rather expensive for private repos if you do not have a student pack. I will see what changes once I lose that. @bauss I have used a on-prem hosted beanstalk solution. I might have been using a old version, but man did I hate it.
  19. Smallxmac

    Hello world

    I for sure have seen business full into the idea of Microsoft only. Most of the time is a because of a crazy idea on how good everything Microsoft makes. I'm for sure not saying that what they make is a bad product, however there are other solutions. If you have a shop that is Microsoft only that is also sometimes for hiring. They want to be able to hire new devs and get them up to speed quickly. This applies mostly when you have a position with a high turn over or not many long term senior devs that are competent enough to lead the team on a different stack. That or the the senior dev is slapped with so much stuff they don't have time to support different stacks so they stay on Microsoft and let the junior devs use stack overflow to solve there issues.
  20. Smallxmac

    Hello world

    Welcome to the board Ice, sweet name! I am glad you took a step back and decided to focus on programming in a more legit way. Everyone here knows that the other communities surely did not help with general programming patterns. How were the hackathons? What was your main goal there if you don't mind me asking.
  21. Smallxmac

    System.IO.Pipelines Review & Discussion

    I still have mixed feeling in the way Microsoft introduced this new feature for the framework. Microsoft tends to have this idea of magic that just seems to work. It would make sense that they would not make a abstraction on top of SAEA act much different in terms of threading and task pools.
  22. Smallxmac

    A random walks into the room...

    I know from experience that trying to understand the details of a full gameserver is like jumping head first into the deep end of a pool while barely knowing how to swim. Thought with all things it surly get easier. I hope we can assist and cultivate a great place for you to learn and progress.
  23. 😰 Just finished updating both PHP and MySQL. 🎉  Pretty sure everything is 💯 thought. Let me know if there are any problems!

  24. Smallxmac

    System.IO.Pipelines Review & Discussion

    In terms of Conquer Online, which was not my general idea, you would have to have a Commander agent on top or right under the server socket system which would communicate with client agents(client sockets) for cross client communication/interactions. It would be a rather confusing design at first. I would have to spend some more time thinking about how it would be composed. Though if done correctly client agents would be just recursive loops that accept a sort of state. At that point you would not have to worry about concurrency. At least that is in F#'s implementation. I'm not sure if you have seen this before but I saw this a while back and thought it was pretty neat. https://github.com/mgravell/Pipelines.Sockets.Unofficial/blob/master/src/Pipelines.Sockets.Unofficial/StreamConnection.cs Though if you are going down the stream route just wrapping you stream in NetworkStream would be suffice.
  25. Smallxmac

    System.IO.Pipelines Review & Discussion

    With the introduction Memory<T> and Span<T> how would you say those play into the architecture one might implement. Do you think an agent/actor model with a message based queue help with some of the multi client problem?

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