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  1. Xori.

    Team System in Conquer Online

    Resolved the issue with your previous post. Only issue I'm running into now is the displaying of the gold start showing team leader location on the mini-map. #edit Resolved the issue regarding team leader location. For future reference packet 10010 General Data needs to be sent with a sub-type of 101 and values of Leader UID, Leader Map, Leader X, Leader Y.
  2. Xori.

    Team System in Conquer Online

    Sorry I somehow over-looked said post when skimming through the thread yesterday. Will be adjusting the code shortly, I'll keep everyone posted.
  3. Xori.

    Team System in Conquer Online

    @bauss Please feel free to point out where the implementation is wrong. After moving some code around to clean it up I ran into the same issue. So with that being said I'm back to square one. This apparently isn't a client issue as much as I had hoped it was.
  4. Xori.

    Team System in Conquer Online

    Sorry for the late response. I just now implemented the way you handle teams with an exception to the "api controller" system. In the end, I get the same results..
  5. I'm working roughly on patch 5500-5517 for whatever reason it might matter. Scenario: player 'a' creates team, player 'b' joins team. player 'a' has options invite/dismiss, player 'b' has exit/follow if player 'a' dismisses their team and player 'b' creates a new one, when player 'a' joins, it still shows him to have options invite/dimiss(granted they don't work) Packet 1023 (TeamAction), Sub-Type 15 (Leader) is what tells the client to offer options "invite/dismiss" for the party leader. So is there a subtype to tell the client to only offer party member options "exit/follow"? Or could this possibly just be a client bug. Attached is an image of the issue.
  6. Xori.

    My Introduction

    Greetings everyone, my names Dylan but Xori is my persona in the Conquer Online world. I ran a few servers known as AEO(Acid Estox) and Project Immunity which did pretty well for what they were. I've been out of the game for the past couple years due to getting married and spawning my lovely daughter, but I have lurked in the shadows trying to stay up to date as well as I could with everything going on. I'm glad to announce that I am back and have been studying a few languages and working on a few projects in Unity3d in which more information on those are soon to come. Conquer Online has always had the effect of dragging me back after all these years. I started playing back in 2004 and still remember creating my first Trojan and adventuring around when then I stumbled on-to the Training Grounds, something I have never seen in a game before. Knowing I was able to play at my convenience and still have the connection of my character progressing while I was away made the game so appealing to me and I'm not sure why. I eventually grew bored years later with realizing I would never progress fast enough to compete with the bulkers and was introduced to a private server (Conquer Underground). It was here my interest and love for the game was relived, I was able to achieve everything I had wanted in-game without the need to spend thousands of dollars or hours of time. The server eventually started to die sadly and I wanted nothing more but to re-create the server in which brought me and many others much enjoyment so I studied and researched and stumbled onto EPVP/4Botters. Between the two networks I was able to set-up my own server and began bringing all my friends to join. Shockingly the server outgrew my hosting capabilities of using my person computer and the help of ole "Hamachi" and I eventually had to shut the server down and re-evaluate the situation. During that process I stumbled upon a server called Acid Co and found my love for dueling with Fast Blade & Scent Sword. Sadly all good things die as the server eventually shut down.. And then a spark hit me.. I decided to create my own PVP server and gave it my own twist with the ability of leveling up and raiding bosses with high risk pvp battles. And thus, AEO was born. It received much backlash due to the close name resemblance as Acid Co but that did not stop the success of the server. Hundreds of players flocked in playing daily and it was wondrous. But every great thing comes to an end. I had poor judgment and made some bad decision in which lead the downfall of the server. But after all these years I've still managed to keep close contact with quite a few in the community and have made some new friends as well. I'm glad to be a part of this new venture and rebirth to the community and have very high hopes for it. Spirited has created something great here, and I feel lucky to have the chance to build this community with you all and everyone to come. Thanks for reading! -Xori

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