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  1. Hello! I'm Audax. I was an avid-CO player. I started a bit later than a lot of you, my first memories were around patch 5000. A friend introduced me to the game at school when i was 10 or so. There was 3 of us and we loved it! We all had one archer and one trojan. None of us bought a single DB but we enjoyed the game. Well, that didn't last long as we were quickly introduced to a private server. From there i bounced around, usually on whatever Hybrid/Ultimation was doing and playing a few servers. I was a kid and wanted to learn how to program - who wouldn't!? CoEmu v2 Source was released and like everyone else i downloaded it and set it up and played around on it. Nothing impressive. A while later I started to talk to Ultimation who tried to help me - I'd be one of his 'viewers' over TeamViewer trying to learn. I met DreadNought who did the same and we talked. I think around this time my Laptop broke and i became a COD Kid (MW2 was lit). Gave up on programming. Degree in business. Graduated. 2 weeks ago i wanted to learn programming. I went back to basics and made a crappy Tic-Tac-Toe on WPF. I completed a few Euler problems. Went onto EPvP and asked Spirited for a copy of Hybrids 5017 source to look over and he lead me here. I'm sure i'm the worst, by a long way. But i'm looking to learn! Today I'm doing delegates and events. So for now i'll be here, watching you on the side lines whilst I try and learn. If anyone remembers these names: DonaldDuck & AudaciousOrange - i'm sorry for being annoying.

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