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  1. FrOz3n

    Hello world

    Couldn't agree more with both of you. The biggest problem I'm seeing there is not entrusting the developers with the responsibility to choose the best tech stack. I think that they see this as a fail-safe for when devs mess up, so they can just call a consultant from Microsoft to take a look into the problem(s). I've had the experience of talking to a few people from Microsoft for a problem and only 2 out of 5 people knew what they're really talking about. I'm not saying they're bad at what they do, but I don't think that they're able to swallow all of the information during 1h skype call and also help you out on a big project, at least not all of them. This is exactly how I'm stuck at the moment But instead of SO, for questions they also come to me. Not much help on SO for Xamarin related problems.
  2. FrOz3n

    Hello world

    Hi, I totally agree with you on the Azure part, but you know the CTO decides all of the technologies, and I don't want to cry about it over here, but my CTO is not a technical person, so if you try and pitch a new technology, it's only one question: "Who's behind it?" If it's Microsoft, than it's a yes, otherwise a big no so yeah. Yeah I was a mod on 4botters before it went down. Thanks for the welcome guys :)
  3. FrOz3n

    Hello world

    Thank you @Spirited and @bauss @Smallxmac I was part of a few local hackatons that were organized here in Macedonia, and also a part of the Global NASA Space Apps challenge. At the time I was focused on C++ and I just wanted to become a good developer, I had really nothing more planned (I was 14 at the time :D) And then when I turned 18 I got an offer to start as a C# Dev for ASP.NET. Most of the companies here are focused on web development and there are some mobile apps too. My real passion is to be focused on low level stuff, but suddenly there are not many opportunities here, and also as I believe it's true for every developer, getting into the gaming industry. I've found myself to really like the backend more than caring for UI stuff, so currently I'm looking in different patterns & architectures for APIs mainly because I use them for each mobile app I work on. The current stack I'm working with is ASP.NET Core 2.1, Modified CQRS Pattern in order to simplify it for junior developers and I enjoy making things to work in a magical way I have experience with databases spanning from MSSQL, Raven DB, Mongo DB, Postgres 9.4+ (for using it as a NOSQL db) + Marten. The thing is I understand that doing magical stuff sucks all the RAM & CPU sometimes, but it's not really an issue for the work I do. The other issue is I'm kind of stuck with Microsoft technologies since there are many companies that has some kind of partnership with MS. So Azure is a must, C# too, as well as MSSQL & EF. I really don't like entity framework so I enforce using Dapper by Stack Overflow and writing raw SQL queries instead of the more preferred way with LINQ because I find it much slower and the syntax is messier so it makes my code look bad Wow, I talk too much Anyway, if you want to know more, I can share some links and you can also check my work on github. Have a nice day
  4. FrOz3n

    Hello world

    Hey guys, I've been going by FrOz3n on both epvp & 4botters since like 2008. I haven't been talking much, so you may not know me. I've been talking to @Spirited back in the day when he was still in college, and he tried helping me out to learn some beginner c# but he really did the best, he helped me understand that I know nothing Anyway, I've been nostalgic lately and making my own CO server is kind of an unfinished task in my life, so I dropped an email to him and here I am About my development life. After messing up with few sources and running a server with 0 knowledge of programming when I was 12, I devoted to learning and fully gave up CO. I've been through different academies learning c++, Linear Algebra and MATLAB, c#, ASP.NET MVC & Web API, Azure and so on. By the time I was 19 I was very active on hackatons and local dev meetups, so a guy there got to know me and invited me to work in his company. The first 2 years I was focused on Web Development with ASP.NET MVC / Web API which was always hosted on Azure. After those 2 years life became boring (You know, moving buttons around) and when you're working in a services oriented company, it's always CRUD forms, so I started doing RND within the company just as Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft. Since then I've been focused on mobile apps with Xamarin, supporting iOS and Android platforms. Today, 2 years later (you see the pattern :D) I'm feeling bored again from doing UI stuff and I really want to get a bit deeper into programming just for the sake of improving myself professionally, so I've never done any network development, but it seems cool and also useful, and that's why I decided that maybe I should start working on a CO source. I know theoretically how does TCP/IP work, but never had the chance to dig deeper. I'll be trying out lots of stuff, and will let you know how it goes. I'd probably need some help too So you'll see me around here. At the moment I'm using the latest MBP 2018 (yeah, not an Apple fan) because iOS development ties me to using a mac So I'll definitely try something out with .NET Core 2.1 and see how it goes. PS. I'm really looking forward to working on the new source with @Spirited and hopefully more of you So that's pretty much everything about me, Don't hesitate to write me a message if you wanna know more or want to ask anything about the technologies I've mentioned above See you around! Ice (yeah, it's my real name :D)

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