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  1. I don't necessarily recommend a separate executable for a web server that speaks to a proxy server via RPC. You can host a web server as part of the proxy. A lot of entry level server apps do that now, and I'm a huge fan. If you went with a web server, suddenly you can make your proxy a docker image that people can just download and use immediately, and not just on their system but any system (like a Raspberry Pi Zero that can be controlled via the proxy's web portal). I think adding a traditional GUI might make your proxy less usable by comparison, but maybe I'm of a very niche mindset.
  2. Spirited

    Client : Editing resolution

    Honestly, the more we can open up client modifications through hooks and reassembly on older clients, the better. I'd love to do a lot more with the client, but my primary focus is on networking and game server programming. It's hard to do everything on your own, which is probably why my map editor has been in a half-done state for years. It'd be super cool if there was just a guide and example project that carves up a popular patch's exe to do some seriously cool custom stuff with. Though, I know I'm asking for a lot. Maybe someday.
  3. I work in C++ professionally and we primarily use Qt for our GUIs. It's a large framework as you said, but it's portable and full featured. You could try GTK, but my understanding is that it's not that much better. At home, I just use a console for my service apps. If I really need a front-end UI, then I usually make a responsive web client and web API server that talks RPC to my other services. It ends up being a bit nicer to use since there're so many responsive UI frameworks out there. If you're looking for a super clean C++ Socket library, then I highly recommend libuv. It implements os-specific socket event loops like completion ports, epoll, and kqueues for you, which is nice if you're looking to make a cross-platform proxy.
  4. Spirited

    Client : Editing resolution

    So, I've never done this before and maybe this is a super naive approach, but you could try debugging the client at OpenSSL's RSA_public_decrypt method and see what the public key is. I can see server.dat's XML reader use that function, so maybe that'd be a good start? Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can answer this better. I guess if you simply wanted to remove the decryption, you could overload the method using a hook to just return the input argument. It looks like that configuration manager for handling RSA decryption is used by multiple client files though.
  5. Hey, buddy add me on Discord i want talk about source i have an good idea. | D4GOD72 |#7616 

    1. Spirited


      I'm not buying or selling.

  6. Spirited

    File Manager - Encrypt/Decrypt Files

    I know with latest, a lot of the files are also LuaVM encoded, and I don't know anyone working on anything close to latest. Maybe someone will pitch in, but you might be on your own.
  7. Spirited

    File Manager - Encrypt/Decrypt Files

    What patch is that for @Super? I've never seen that file before. You might be out of luck unless someone else is working on whatever patch that's from.
  8. Spirited

    Comet - Open Source Conquer Online Server

    Updated the socket system to use inheritance for the server actor class. Allows for cleaner socket event definitions for connect, receive, and disconnect. Changes: https://gitlab.com/spirited/comet/commit/c416b6df6d7df983469f55d20b8eea0285a01424
  9. This is why it's important to have mirrors and archives for downloads for an online game, and some way of applying patches manually. Autopatches are nice, but limited if something goes wrong with either the network or service/client configuration. Edit: Moved from Introductions to Off-Topic and added tags
  10. Spirited

    Conquer Map Editor/Creator

    I don't think there are any public or private map editors out there. Ultimation was the closest to completing one, but wouldn't share it publicly. It's a lot of work to share (his included a full client engine and visual editing). I don't have any updates on my end due to work, but I still have it on my back burner.
  11. Spirited

    Comet - Open Source Conquer Online Server

    Cool, I hope you get a small kick out of it. It really is bare bones right now, though. It logs in and that's it. I hope others will pick it up and contribute, but only time will tell. I know I have too many projects going on to work on it right now. Hope you get something from it, at the least. Let me know if there's anything I can help with, too.
  12. Spirited

    Packet [1052] Game

    Lol, that would do it. Btw, packet references are available here: https://gitlab.com/spirited/conquer/wikis/Packets/Packets. If you find something not documented, it's open source, so feel free to contribute.
  13. Spirited

    RC5 Package - Go

    Looks good. Btw, I recommend taking a look at Visual Studio Code and the Go extension for it. It'll automatically help you lint your code using downloaded tools (like golint). I use it on my project, and it reminds me to add comment blocks to functions and reduce package naming redundancies. It's been a really useful tool to have while learning Go. Anyways, thanks for the contribution - looks very nice.
  14. Spirited

    Go RC5 Cipher Problems

    You are correct. I don't think I reference that function, but feel free to log a bug against it and I'll fix it once I return home (I'll be out for another few days). Thanks!
  15. Spirited

    Hello world

    Welcome to the community, very cool. Another Go programmer! Whoo-hoo! Please don't look at my older Go code, it's really embarrassing. 😅 Hope you stick around with us. Would be cool to see more from you. I see a lot of really bright engineers come from the military, so I'm sure you'll do well. Word of advice though, Data Analytics is a very narrow field of study. If you take the general approach or take more classes that specialize in algorithms, machine learning, and data extraction, then you'll be right on track. Good luck with your studies.

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