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  1. Spirited

    Project: Lines Toolkit

    I'm refactoring lines to separate common components into their own packages / repos and add pipe support, so I'll see what I can do to support put and delete. Going to take a short break though due to the car crash. It really put a stop to my steam.
  2. Spirited

    Project: Lines Toolkit

    Introduction Lines is a cross-platform system administration and software automation toolkit, leveraging golang for networking and parallel tasks. Command-line tools under Lines each focus on a task that can be performed in parallel, yielding faster results and offering some unique functionality. It's a project I got started to help accelerate some tasks at work and test Conquer Online servers. To get started, download the release binaries or build from source using the instructions below. I'll be adding to it as I go. Check out my Trello for some of the ideas I have. Build Instructions To build from source, run the following commands. Building requires the Golang compiler for lines source code, and goutil tools for code generation of system calls (fetched in the commands below). go get -u -d -v warry.io/lines/... go install -v warry.io/lines/... Tools exec: runs programs and clocks the overall execution time fetch: sends an HTTP GET request post: sends an HTTP POST request with either a form or file body serve: serves a file system using a web server multiplexer Links Github: https://github.com/garethwarry/lines Trello: https://trello.com/b/MxoRqm0H/lines
  3. Spirited

    Getting Started With Blazor and Electron.NET

    I used Electron with React as a boilerplate, and it's alright. I do agree that it's very bad for performance. The end result is roughly 24% CPU for a single core on mouse move. Discord is a good example of that. Then again, it's really only supposed to be for basic applications with limited content. I'm sure it'll evolve over time into newer / better technologies. HTML5 and JavaScript on the desktop seems to be a smarter approach to cross-device development.
  4. Spirited

    Spirited's Tea & Coffee Corner

    I bought a cold brew coffee machine, and I highly recommend it for those who enjoy cold brews. It makes a really nice, smooth cold brew (and the machine is $100 off right now). I made a really nice lavender cold brew using Don Francisco's French Roast with some whole milk and lavender honey. 👌 http://a.co/hPq3if1
  5. Spirited

    Project: Lines Toolkit

    I'll look into doing that, but it's not often that I see those methods in use. Can a browser even use PUT and DELETE?
  6. Spirited

    Project: Lines Toolkit

    Did a lot of work today on this. Added a "post" utility for making HTTP post requests. You can either specify a file for the body of the request (in which case the MIME type will be filled in for you based on the extension, or you may specify it manually), or form data from a JSON formatted file. I also added a JSON file cookie store (optional) for between requests for both fetch and post. That way, a cookie based authentication session can be maintained between requests. In addition, I've updated my trello and started work on a new tool for html tokenization. Happy with the results so far, and even happier that I'm getting use out of it at work. Cheers!
  7. Spirited

    Spirited's Tea & Coffee Corner

    My work just has a Kerguig machine, but we also have a large drawer to the brim of k-cups with various creamers. So I can't complain much. There's a really nice coffee shop down the street as well that serves the smoothest cold brew I've ever tasted. It's pretty damn good. They have a nice rose white mocha, lavender cold brew, and nitro cold brew. And they buy my expensive teas. Which makes me happy because then I don't have to. I gave my floor manager a link to Harney & Sons and she bought about $300 worth of tea for the office. Their Dragon Perl Jasmine tea is amazing as well.
  8. Spirited

    Spirited's Tea & Coffee Corner

    Fair enough. I'll have to try that. I've never had a Turkish tea before.
  9. Spirited

    Spirited's Tea & Coffee Corner

    Ooo, If you like lemon teas, then this might be your jam: http://a.co/fXz4xOt It's one of my favorite lemon and black teas. I highly recommend it with a bit of milk (as weird as that sounds).
  10. Spirited

    Board Suggestions

    Hi there, Have a suggestion for improving the board? Let us know by posting a comment below. If you're interested in what we're working on and what suggestions we already have in our backlog of tasks, you can check out our Trello Storyboard. We'll keep it up-to-date with the status of suggestions, progress we've made on implementing suggestions, etc. We hope to hear from you! Best Regards, Spirited & Staff
  11. Spirited


    Well, glad to see you around again.
  12. Spirited


    You moved to the US recently, didn't you? I remember you were pretty busy with home improvement work. How did that go?
  13. Spirited

    Project: Lines Toolkit

    I'm under an NDA, so I can't specify much. Right now I'm using it to host a website for testing frameworks on. I use it unprofessionally as the new x tool for checking which Conquer Online web servers I can overload from only one tool flooding requests. Helpful for finding performance issues with requests. You can also host a file system's executables as a web API and it returns the shell response as the HTTP response. I haven't created a lot of the tools yet or flushed out all the functionality they'll eventually provide. Studying technologies at home right now, so not much time for developing on this specifically.
  14. Spirited


    Strapi is aesthetically pleasing, and looks like it'd be really nice to develop with.
  15. Spirited

    FSharp ASP.NET Core Vue SPA Template

    Huh. This is pretty awesome. I've never seen F# used before. How do you like it for web server programming?
  16. Spirited

    Project: Lines Toolkit

    Oops! Fixed! Thanks for that. I had the trello privated too. My bad.
  17. Spirited

    Board Rules

    Hello there! Welcome to Cooldown! We're a programming and game development board, welcoming programmers of all levels of experience. Whether you're starting a new game or you're new to programming, you'll find support and a helping hand from our members. That being said, our members are generally here to participate in the online community - hostility is always unnecessary and unwelcome. Though most of our rules are common sense, we ask that you please take a minute to skim through and get caught up before posting. Politeness: Our members aren't out to get you. Any provocative messages will be deleted. Sock Puppets: Please don't create multiple accounts. This leads to unbalanced debates and feedback. Spam: Spam advertisements and demands for code will be deleted. Please don't double post within 24 hours. Licenses: Please only post work you have permission to redistribute, be that by software license or written permission. English: Please keep posts in English to make it easier to moderate content. That's all. Thank you for your time, and we hope you enjoy the forums. Best Regards, Spirited & Staff

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