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  1. Spirited

    UI Framework Discussion for Map Editor

    Well, I appreciate the feedback. I think I'm going to try out the Electron approach.
  2. Spirited

    UI Framework Discussion for Map Editor

    Sorry, I meant "unsuitable". So, I think I have two main options now. I tried using Electron and React without Webpack, and I got it working with less memory consumption than Windows 10's calculator app. It loaded UIKit 3 pretty well, but compatibility with JS/CSS frameworks was pretty rough without webpack. If I wanted to use Electron "right" with React, then I'd have to use webpack. I'd also have to make a middleware app just to pipe assets into memory from the filesystem. It's not that big of a deal, but just a hassle for an app that's going to perform worse in all categories. With Qt supporting themes pretty well (didn't know that), I might just go with Qt. I'm looking into that now with QtWidgets and QStyle.
  3. Spirited

    UI Framework Discussion for Map Editor

    Yeah. I'll be working on it on my GitLab and I'll post about it here once I have something to show. Right now, I'm still researching technologies. I really like the idea of Electron and React for a launcher or content focused application (using middleware to launch apps), but may be really unsuitable for a disk heavy application. I may try using Qt as I was recommended to, and just try and theme it. Again though, still looking into it.
  4. Spirited

    Learning the 3D Asset Pipeline

    A lot of people from my work who do game design and modeling use Substance and really like it. It has a really good community for it, apparently. I don't know much about it myself, but my colleagues recommend making a box and applying a wall texture to it using Substance painter. Pretty simple idea to get you started with the controls and workflow. I'd be super interested to see your progress with this, as a non-designer. Good luck and happy learning!
  5. Spirited

    C# Server Application with Win32

    Well, if you'd like some feedback on your routines, let me know. You can always add me to a private GitLab repo, @Spirited. It's hard to squeeze out performance for a single core, one executable server.
  6. Spirited

    [Go] Xor Encryption Issues

    Oh, I don't mind. That's why there're public under an open source license.
  7. Spirited

    [Go] Xor Encryption Issues

    Gosh, it looks so crazy similar to my current implementation of Chimera that I didn't even realize it wasn't. Ok, so it looks like the EO source is using an older encryption. Looking at other server sources though, those counters are unsigned shorts. If you change your data types to Uint16, then you should be good to go. I'll make some changes to Comet to reflect that change. Sorry for the confusion. I blame CptSky's implementation, but it's entirely possible that I just mistyped. 😰
  8. Spirited

    C# Server Application with Win32

    I agree with you, but I think there're better ways to improve the performance of a server application. Appropriate data structures is one thing, like using a dictionary for key lookup rather than doing a search. Linq is a lovely addition to .NET, but usually encourages bad implementations from misuse. Algorithms are also very important, such as knowing your big-O and distributed big-O against a database. Database queries are also very costly in comparison to a cache lookup. So again, I agree with the GUI not being in a server executable, but at the same time I think there's a lot more that could be impacting performance more heavily.
  9. Spirited

    C# Server Application with Win32

    It really depends on how you implemented the GUI. If the window is being created using a single threaded apartment model, then your server could be under very serious performance constraints as it mashes all CLR threads into a single OS thread. You can easily check for this by calling Thread.CurrentThread.GetApartmentState on one of your server threads. Generally, having a GUI on a server executable (especially as the main thread) is bad practice, but if you're not looking for ways to squeeze performance out of every nook and cranny, then having a GUI under a multithreaded apartment model is probably fine for your use case.
  10. Spirited

    [Go] Xor Encryption Issues

    So, potentially my code doesn't handle wrapping and the client is expecting wrapping at an unsigned short range. Let me look into it more when I get home, but the EO source should show what it expects. Maybe it does a mod op that I'm not doing in my implementation. I based mine off of CtpSky's work and never compared it.
  11. Spirited

    [Go] Xor Encryption Issues

    I'm at work right now, but that XOR cipher they made is also a counter based cipher. Do you know what your counters are for the decrypt and encrypt directions when the failure occurs? It might be that the data type is wrong for those counters. I can't check right now, but the EO source should be a good reference for that as well.
  12. Spirited

    UI Framework Discussion for Map Editor

    I see. Wow, that's not well outlined in their introduction article. Oh well, Electron it is then.
  13. Spirited

    UI Framework Discussion for Map Editor

    I could, perhaps. Another option is WPF. Apparently, .NET Core 3.0 has cross platform WPF support now. I'm not sure what requirements the Linux build has or what it looks like, but that might be interesting if it can support OpenGL. I'm probably less excited to use WPF than I am Electron, though. Microsoft makes me uneasy when it comes to cross platform UI.
  14. Spirited

    UI Framework Discussion for Map Editor

    Yeah, I was trying to avoid drawing directly to an HTML canvas. I'll try WebGL. Worse case scenario is that it can't load the map properly and I port it to Qt. Really not that big of a deal. I'm not too excited about using Electron, but UI customization is so much better for web apps.
  15. Spirited

    UI Framework Discussion for Map Editor

    Right now, I don't anticipate supporting 3D models. I'd only like to complete the puzzle and interactive layers, which should be 2D (unless I missed some key detail). In the event that I want to support 3D in the future, I do have the code for that, but I'd have to ask for permission to use it. Thanks for the library recommendations. That's exactly what I need right now, keep them coming if you can. Again, I'm excited to do something other than server stuff for a change.

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