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  1. It'd be interesting if you made a very simple/basic command-line interface for the framework for those interested in an example of how to use the framework / test it. I'm not sure how much work you want to put into the open-source version, but examples are a pretty common thing I see with newer/well established repos.
  2. From a consumer standpoint, I think this is a very interesting and exciting project. I can see why a manager would perk up over tools made from this library. From an engineering standpoint, I think it's cool what you came up with for analyzing music using programmed musical theory, but I still have a hard time ingesting one aspect of this project. I know we've spoken about this before to varying degrees of "here nor there", but the scale of the open-source library is going to be very limited to those who understand D or wish to port your library away from D to a more popular language. I know this is (of course) not a concern for a secondary open-source library branch, and you should definitely program in whichever language you're most comfortable in, but it does limit its adoption and maintainability by the community. Again though, great work. I'm glad you were able to share a portion of this with us. It's a very interesting and cool project, and I hope you continue to post about it. I'd be interested to learn how this progresses past this point. Thanks.
  3. Spirited

    Spirited's Introduction

    Hi all, I realized recently that we have a few new members who don't know much about me, so I thought I'd take some time to re-introduce myself after so-many years. My real name is Gareth, but I prefer to be called "Spirited" online. I'm 27 years old, straight, male, occasionally attractive at best. I don't really post many details about myself these days, but you can find me on most platforms by the name Spirited, accompanied by a picture of a smug snow leopard. I tried to change up the snow leopard thing for Cooldown, but at the end of the day, I can appreciate a bit of familiarity. These days, I mostly work and hang out with friends. Sometimes I program in my free time, experimenting with different technologies, architectures, and project ideas. Game programming is a fun hobby of mine, but dangerously shares the same creativity / motivation pool as a lot of my other hobbies, such as photography and painting. I hope to get some inspiration through this board and the talented members we have here. I'm always available to chat, for that reason. I like to hear what people are up to. My current project is Chimera, but it's taken a lot of activation energy to get off the ground. I'm hoping I'll get some more motivation next weekend now that the holidays are over. Offline, I feel like I'm pretty average. I have an apartment that I like to keep clean, a car I like to keep fast, and a family I like to keep at a distance. I enjoy my work, especially now that I'm more settled in and done with college. I work mostly in cloud architecture and cloud computing, but I'm being moved to machine learning next week, which I look forward to. I've done a lot of odd software jobs in the past in cybersecurity, web programming, point of sales, industrial automation, test automation, etc. I tend to take interest in a lot of different topics, and I'd be interested to hear from anyone who works in machine learning, since that's what I'll be doing for the next few months. If I haven't said it already, welcome to the board, everyone. I'm happy to have you, and I'm happy to be here. Best, Spirited
  4. Spirited

    WPF Basics (Streamed Lesson)

    Eh, it happens. It takes time to get comfortable with a camera / live audience.
  5. Spirited

    WPF Basics (Streamed Lesson)

    Wow, you're really easy to listen to for this kinda stuff. I wasn't expecting it to be so fluid. Good job, man.
  6. I tried using Microsoft's new DevOps service, since I get it for free through my work, but eh. Once GitLab introduces multiple files for snippets (which they already have a commit ready for / has been merged into the main branch), then I'll be happy. So far, GitLab has been a lot of fun for me. I enjoyed having Comet hosted there and having that automated build fire off for unit testing on checkin. It'll be even cooler once I get Chimera working with automated deploys and rolling server updates. Ahhh! It's going to be siicckk!
  7. Spirited

    Spirited's Tea & Coffee Corner

    It depends on your preference. If you're looking for a black tea, my favorite store-bought black tea is probably the Twinings Earl Grey with a bit of milk and sugar. If you like fruity black teas, then I'd recommend the Paris by Harney & Sons (available at Targets, around here at least). If you're a fan of green tea, then I'd highly recommend feeling around on Harney & Son's website and see what imports they have from the Yellow Mountain region of China. I haven't tried anything from them, but my coworker brings back full tea leaves from his home town in that region, and it's something else. The best green tea I've ever tasted. But yeah, it's all about seeing what you like. And on the coffee front, I've just started to grind my own coffee beans - I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a very flavorful, soft blend of coffee.
  8. I got a bit bored this evening while waiting for a download, and so I got Conquer Online working on a spare Linux machine. If playing a dead game on an operating system it wasn't meant for sounds right up your ally, maybe your laptop can't support Windows 10 or something for the latest security updates, then start by installing Ubuntu Desktop 18.04. Once you're up and running, update your system. Once rebooted after updating, install Wine and PlayOnLinux from the Ubuntu Software app. Then, open PlayOnLinux and do the following: Click "Install" and then select "Install a non-listed program". Select "Install a program in a new virtual drive". As the name of the instance, call it "conquer". For pre-installation steps, select "Configure Wine" and "Install some libraries". Select a 32-bit Windows installation. Once the Configure Wine window opens, select "Windows XP" as the Windows Version. Click Ok and select the following libraries to install on the next screen: POL_Install_crypt32 POL_Install_d3dx9 POL_Install_dinput8 POL_Install_dsound POL_Install_dxdiag POL_Install_flashplayer POL_Install_flashplayer_ActiveX POL_Install_ie6 POL_Install_msvc80 POL_Install_msvc90 POL_Install_VideoDriver Wait for everything to download and install, pressing next here and there. Eventually, you'll be asked for an executable to run. Copy the client onto the conquer virtual drive (shortcut in your home folder). Select "Browse" for an executable to run (or skip). Once ran, you'll be asked to create a shortcut. Select "conquer.exe" from browse. After adding the shortcut, select "I don't want to make another shortcut". Select "Conquer" from the main menu and click on "Configure". Add "blacknull" as an argument under General. Set the video memory size to a larger MB size under Display. Tada, you can now run Conquer Online on Linux (I think, I didn't actually try logging into a server). PS: If you get a page fault exception, update your video drivers.
  9. Spirited

    XNA Studio in VS 2017

    I didn't realize MonoGame was an actual XNA clone that's maintained. And it supports more platforms. That's hilarious!
  10. New year, new projects 🎉

  11. Spirited

    Moderator Application Template

    Hi there, Firstly, thank you so much for your contributions to Cooldown. We're ecstatic that you want to volunteer your personal time to help us moderate content and give back to the community. To get started with an application, create a new thread with the following points outlined below. Keep in mind, we require that all moderators have at least 300 posts and a positive mental attitude. We acknowledge that staff members work on projects that might conflict with board objectives, so we must also emphasize the importance of unbiased decision making. Complete conflict of interest is not permitted, such as working for the staff of another board. Contact us privately if you think you might break this condition; we're happy to work with you on exceptions. Thread title template: Moderator Application: Section Name Here Thread body template: Name: (The nickname you'd like to go by) Profile: (Where we can find you or your projects) About: (Personal statement about you and how people have gotten to know you here) Experience: (Any relevant leadership experience and subject experience) Good luck on your applications, we'll be watching closely and looking forward to working with you! Best Regards, Spirited & Staff
  12. Spirited

    Developer Status Applications

    Hey there new developer! Interested in the developer platform we provide our members, like public and private blogs and club forums? Write a small post with the following points below, and we'll review your account for Developer status eligibility. Generally, we like to see a project, some activity, and a great mental attitude towards creative thinking and discussion. Please only post applications to this thread for developer status - do not reply to other posts. Name: (The nickname you'd like to go by) Profile: (Where we can find your project work) Recent Work: (What you're working on right now) Good luck, and we look forward to following your developments on Cooldown! Best Regards, Spirited & Staff
  13. Rip, me. Edit: I'm just going to continue using GitLab. The interface is much nicer for presenting code to interviewers. It shows all of my affiliations, high level projects, scripts, etc. all from the profile page. And clean integration for Kubernetes for deployment and docker images for CI/CD is super nice. Sorry GitHub, but I don't think I'll be brought back unless they make some massive changes.
  14. Spirited

    Hi Cooldown

    Welcome, it's good to see new faces for the Conquer Online community. I look forward to seeing your take on things as we progress. Good luck with your upcoming projects.

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