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  1. Mugaru

    Conquer Map Editor/Creator

    Its been a long time since i've been working on Conquer, because of work. Still upgrading my C# skillset and learning alot of the Comet Source code. Been looking at how Packet Structures work exactly.. and planning to create something amazing in the near future :-)! Because of the above i didn't work on the Map Editor / Creator... so if there is anybody that has done something like this and is wanting to share it, that would be great.
  2. Mugaru

    Hi Cooldown

    Thanks mate :-)! This community is already helping me out lots beter then the old EPVP, @Spirited helped me alot last week already!
  3. Mugaru

    WPF Basics (Streamed Lesson)

    Cool! The way you talk is so chill to listen to Keep it up
  4. Mugaru

    Hi Cooldown

    Hi all, My name is Bas, my Nickname on most Forums / Games is Mugaru. I reached out to this Forums by reading something about it from @Spirited. Since i'm developing some skills in C#, i was heading back to the game i really liked to Play years back (between 2007 and 2013), Conquer Online. I've been looking into some Server sources and been trying to understand what has been done and also tried to clean up things! In my reallife i work as a PHP Developer, using Phalcon and Laravel Frameworks and used to use Yii and Symfony. I also have a lot of Legacy PHP experience. I have faith in a Community as Cooldown and i guess it will be a big one in the near future! Bas - Mugaru
  5. Mugaru

    XNA Studio in VS 2017

    Never heard of MonoGame to be honest! Anyway, it can come handy for some people for now i will take a look at MonoGame too!
  6. Mugaru

    XNA Studio in VS 2017

    Hi Guys, Since i'm working on a Map Editor for Conquer Online i thought i was needing XNA Studio's. Some people told me that it wasn't available since 2014 anymore and wouldn't work on a VS 2017! With a little bit of Googling i found out that it still is possible to install XNA Studio's on your Computer with Visual Studio 2017! The tutorial down here is from the website i found it at, but to not lose it when that website may be shutdown, i'll post it in the spoiler down here! (The needed zip is also attached to this post) Hope this will help some people! Mugaru XnaForVS2017.zip
  7. Awesome! That song sounds pretty amazing too! This kind of software could be usefull for starting artists! Will it be free to use?
  8. I personally jumped over from bitbucket to gitlab, but that is because of their free to use deployment was easy to set up, and since im webdeveloper it is the way to deploy projects fast
  9. Hi guys, i’m new here and also pretty dummy in programming in C#. Anyway, im working on a CO2 DMap editor. What i’ve done now; is reading out the binary of a dmap file. Got the portals and all other info about coords, if they are walkable or just not! My question to you guys is, is this the right way to build such a thing? Or would you do it another way? Kind regards, Mugaru

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