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  1. Smaehtin

    [Proof of Concept] Item Renting

    Ahhhhh, you're right, it looks exactly like the auction window. That's probably it. Change some UI texts and use the same auction house packets that are already implemented in the client. Pretty clever.
  2. Smaehtin

    [Proof of Concept] Item Renting

    I don't get how that works. The client in the video seems to interact with this "webview" directly, like drag-and-dropping of items from the inventory into the window. It seems to be much more complicated than just an embedded webview, or maybe I am missing something?
  3. Smaehtin

    [Proof of Concept] Item Renting

    That's really cool! I'm really curious as to how you accomplished this, creating a completely custom UI inside the client like that. If you don't mind explaining, of course.
  4. Smaehtin

    Guide: Client Patch Notes

    I did a proof-of-concept of a "singleplayer" CO as well. It's not even remotely close to anything working, but it does allow you to "log in" (username/password/server doesn't matter), get items from the shopping mall and equip those items. Nothing else. It's targeted for version 4356 of the game client. The code and compiled project can be found at: https://github.com/Smaehtin/Conquer-Playground

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