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  1. Spuzzum

    Latest DBC Structures

    Well, I have the latest version downloaded and I can decode all files except those two. I'll try to debug it now then
  2. Spuzzum

    Latest DBC Structures

    Does anyone know what changed on Armor.dbc and Weapon.DBC? I can't decode them anymore with the released tool xD All others files can be decoded with no problem, except for these two.
  3. Spuzzum

    Client : Editing resolution

    But people has done it before like on 5165 Server.dat. I think it NOP the Server.dat decrypt part only so the Conquer.exe only extracts and read the outenserver.xml
  4. Spuzzum

    Client : Editing resolution

    I wish there was a tutorial like this to remove the server.dat decrypt method to reach the pure XML haha But it already helps a lot.

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