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  1. Oh shit, I'm so tired xD I still want to make my CQ server in C++

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    2. Spirited


      If you wanna do cross-platform, I'd strongly recommend Qt. C++ is tricky to do cross-platform on your own. Even if you use GCC between Linux and Windows, they compile C++ differently due to bugs. Qt doesn't seem to have that problem often though, if you use their classes that is. Personally, I wouldn't work in Win32 anymore. It adds more complexity and doesn't really make sense for new apps these days. Microsoft themselves say this when describing Win32: "In general, .NET programming in C# is less complex, less error-prone, and has a more modern object-oriented API than Win32 or MFC. In most cases, its performance is more than adequate." Just things to keep in mind.

    3. Vendramini


      Thanks for the tips. Tho, I couldn't manage to install QT on VS2019 :/ but I'll try again later.

    4. Spirited


      I wouldn't use Visual Studio 2019 for anything cross platform. The IDE itself isn't cross platform. I'd either use Visual Studio Code or Qt Creator. Here's an article that talks about both of them that may help: https://www.kdab.com/using-visual-studio-code-for-writing-qt-applications/


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