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  1. Twelve

    Hello world

    Hey, W1cked! Welcome to the forum. I'm glad to see that there's still some interested members of the development community.
  2. Twelve

    Hello, beautiful people

    Hey! Thank you for the reply. Overall things have been great so far. Execution is key when releasing anything, and that's where I typically am most useful in this situation. I can say based on the traffic I see at current servers these days my server is fairly successful at this point. (max online has hit about 140) I've done what I can and hired or asked experienced programmers for assistance when I'm truly stuck on something. Another primary thing is watching and learning, not simply paying someone to do something for me. One of the biggest challenges getting back into the community is straight up how dead it is compared to how it was back in the day. On other forums attempting to find resources for just about anything is like going through a closet for an hour trying to find your favorite shirt, to then end up finding out it wasn't in there the whole time. I don't mean straight up leeching either, I'm referring to c3 editing content, just random "#removed" posts, etc. but even still... one of the best methods I've always used to learn different languages, and even design, is straight up analyzing someone else's content and breaking it down to figure out what does what. Anyway, fun and games.
  3. Twelve

    Hello, beautiful people

    Hey there, Nice to meet you! I go by the name Twelve and I'm 26 years old. My primary profession is a Graphic Designer, it is what my day job revolves around. I've been around a few development forums for private servers dabbling in a little bit of everything over the years to be honest. Web design/development, general design (reskin, banners, anything graphical), GUI development, modelling, map development, and various languages (though fluent in near none). Originally I got into the Conquer Online scene and GunZ Online scene around 13 or 14, was around for quite a few years and then disappeared. Life grabs you by the balls sometimes, I never left the net or anything but I had rather changed my focus. I got back into gaming related content a few years back when I managed to find spare time I could devote to it. Not any development, pretty much just straight up gaming... I ended up starting a clan/community which turned out quite good over the few years things thrived. At some point we slowly parted ways and I have had more free time to get into random projects here and there once again. Somehow I ended up back at Conquer Online actually, and I am now running a server again. Things seem to be going well so far and it's giving me something to do and more to learn. I think it took me over an hour to write this one post going back and forth to Discord messages! I hope to get some good use out of this forum and also potentially be useful. Thanks for having me, Twelve

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