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  1. Emi-chan

    WPF Basics (Streamed Lesson)

    Thank you guys so much for the feedback!! 💜
  2. Emi-chan

    WPF Basics (Streamed Lesson)

    Thank you so much! My favorite quote from the video (starts at quote): Nothing but pure cheese. 😂
  3. Emi-chan

    Hi Cooldown

    Welcome my fellow individual! If you ever need help with C# feel free to shoot me questions on the discord!
  4. I pretty much solely use GitHub. I used to use Team Foundation Services quite frequently, but expanding my projects to the public, I felt GitHub was perfect for.
  5. Emi-chan

    Spirited's Tea & Coffee Corner

    inb4 necro I love coffee, but haven't been exposed to many teas. Anybody got recommendations for essentially a first-time tea drinker and how to make a good cup of tea?
  6. Emi-chan


    Oof thought I replied to this long ago my bad. I never really was into producing, it was mostly just writing music be it for vocals or guitar. While having a 6-year investment into hip-hop, I've actually fairly recently put that dream to rest to pursue programming. I'll likely continue making music in other forms, for example I want to expand on my piano skills. Largely uninterested in music creation now though.
  7. So this is a pretty neat project I intermittently work on. This is a discord bot using the Discord.NET wrapper from RogueException. It makes use of the onion architecture and I tend to think while indeed a small project at this time, is the best showcase of my growth as a programmer and knowledge of OOP. One really neat feature I love to draw attention to is the command system. I sometimes get called out for overengineering the solution, but I highly disagree. One thing I've really bought into is the idea of future-proofing your application. Most discord bot command systems use hard-coded strings somewhere to dictate what command is being parsed. Something many programmers do is use a switch statement. This is fine, however I understood that as the needs for the discord server I administrate grow so will the scope of this project. I needed a more... automated solution. The idea came to me to use reflection for this so I could create/delete classes that were prefixed with the command and compiled at run time in order to be parsed and executed. Long night made short, I evolved from using Activator to compiling lambda expressions which displayed a HUGE performance increase (almost near raw hardcoded performance). This allowed me to have a solution where I don't need to manually maintain a switch block or refactor strings in the event commands change. Hope y'all dig it! https://github.com/reikotechnology/projekt-analytix Blog Writeup: https://reiko.tech/Blog/View/8
  8. So early this morning I did a live lesson on WPF that basically touched on design, MVVM, data-binding and commands. This video is definitely considered long, however my goal was not just to teach my viewers a certain way of doing it and leaving it at that, but to also go through other ways and why it's wrong. For example one thing I touch on is why the ideology that no code should exist in your code-behind is a good one. So here's the YouTube version of the lesson with the only edits being done to the start/end times. 😁 C# - WPF Basics (In-Depth Lesson/Stream) Source as of current lesson: https://github.com/reikotechnology/chatty
  9. Emi-chan


    Lupus, Nocturnal, KitsuneKibou, all but not all names I've gone by in the community past. Cool to see Cooldown back in action.

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