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Found 1 result

  1. This is a description of what I envision Conquer Online to look like if it was a singleplayer game. I wrote this text because I have been thinking about this arousing idea a lot this week and I think this community is still there and loves in the original world of conquer. I am interested in knowing your opinion on this idea and if you think some of the features would be nearly impossible to program. I don't know yet if this is something worth doing and what it implies. Some parts are very detailed and you might need to read them less quickly to understand the purpose. SUMMARY The idea is to recreate Conquer Online 2.0 as a singleplayer game in order to have more control over the world and its events. The need for this new conquer originated in the lack of old school quests in most private conquer servers coupled with the will to restore what conquer had to offer in a raw and customizable package. This project is not for PVP players, but hopefully the AI can one day replace the roles of the players with prebuilt counterparts. The version that seems interesting is 5517 (perhaps arbitrary). Here is a summary of what this base contains: -Ninja and Monk Class, Equipment Bonus quests (Ghost City, Family Affair etc...) -Horse Racing, Refinery, Stabilization -Max level 138, 2nd Reborn, Mini Boss Hunting -Subclasses, artifact system, weapon accessories -Guild recruitment, new menu options, mounted combat. I personally think the redesign and merge of Twin City and Market from version 6610 was devastating. I am also not happy about the fact that Twin City was transformed around the time Dragon Island was added. Those modifications are too polarizing and unnecessary. I think it is possible to satisfy a big part of the community if Conquer is remade as a singleplayer since you are the only person who will decide what classes will be part of the game and whether or not you will use the new items. It is also possible to implement new features in a less intrusive way. This project is in big part a nostalgic one and keeping the original feel is very important. MAIN POINTS All bosses will have reduced HP by default (50%) to improve singleplayer balance unless the original HP option is activated. No matter what option you select, alt-tabbing is replaced by RTS unit selection style: You can control your second character by clicking on him. Selecting both characters with a square box will make both characters jump if you trigger a jump. They will land one step apart depending upon the original position relative to each other. This new quality of life modification can be deactivated to preserve original experience. The final product tries to replace other players with a bank of prebuilt characters controlled by AI. Indefinite variables such as monster density and number of players (AI) which normally depend on the server are fully customizable with sliders. The density variable affects every map by default. The density can affect a specific map or specific monster race. Those two subordinate options are not available unless the custom world option is activated. If this option is activated, the proportion between variants of the same race is kept in order to prevent the user from spawning only bosses. If AI count is set to 0, events that require AI like Arena will use default value. A warning icon appears next to the slider once the value is too low and the compromised events appear in a list if the icon is clicked. DETAILS: Main Menu: Group is now a character list. The beige background fills the screen. It can be something else or a dynamic background with music (Customizable: Hover mouse to top right corner to display the gear icon and change background and toggle main menu sounds and music). I think having a screenshot folder and displaying the images on the main menu would be very sweet actually. Adding blur at least 100 pixels around the text would be good for readability. Once the first character is created, you automatically arrive to Birth Village. If you hit escape, you go back to main menu and you can make another character. In the main menu, the name of your new character will be greyed out. If you double click on it, it lights up and the character will appear on the world the next time you join. To join the world with a specific character, click on his name and click on play. Otherwise, it will be the last character you have created. If multiple characters were created, the first one created since last game will be controllable. If the field intro from the options menu is set to Twin City, new characters will skip Birth Village. Other options could be: Spawn in the same cell as the strongest character, last character controlled since the main menu is opened or spawn in the same cell as... (make screen darker around the character list until the name is specified). In-game, you can switch to another character by clicking on him (his body or his portrait. The switch is immediate and very similar to switching unit in games like warcraft and army men. If you select both character with a rectangular box, the behavior will be in RTS mode and the second character will jump next to the first one and use the primary attack skill once a target is selected (the primary skill is chosen from most used skill statistic, but usually defaults to AoE skills depending on the class until the most used skill has more than 20 uses. After using an attack skill more than 20 times (above the other attack skills), it becomes the new primary skill and will be used automatically when the character is being told to attack a monster in the setting of a group selection. The default skill can be modified in the default section of the options menu. You can decide if the second character automatically uses the skill or if you manually need to start the action (which would be similar to alt-tabbing between characters while playing normal conquer). Once the action is activated, the second character will be in autohunt and will continue to fight until the monster is dead or until you command that character or both characters to run away. The fact that the group selection ceases to take into account movement after the first attack allows the main character to move more freely and this also prevents the player from seamlessly using 10 characters at once by adding in the necessity to select the group again after each action (except moving of course). If the group selection feature becomes too overpowered, the user is allowed to disable this feature. COMPETITION The guild, clan and PK systems would be removed and when appropriate, replaced by AI with a speed, precision and creativity level which can be modified. Arena is against AI. You can fight your own characters or random adversaries from a list of similarly powered characters that are prebuilt and activated once you reach certain levels. You choose what level difference is allowed. By default, if you are fighting one of your own characters, the level restriction is removed unless the number of characters exceeds 30(could be replaced by no limit, but a search bar). Horse racing is implemented in a similar fashion and similar to mario kart in essence I suppose. The AI opponents are random but chosen from a customizable +n level difference from the horse of the player. AI with bad precision don't walk in a perfectly straight line which can make them lose a little bit of time on the long run. AI with good speed can cut corners and change path more quickly which is bottlenecked by the hand of the player usually as well as his reaction time. Other functions can be implemented to make using the traps more interesting or funny. The AI with the worst horse of the match could have a preference for traps that slow other people down. When a lot of horses are close, high level horses could go for the protection bonus etc... An AI could also cooperate with another one or abnormally try to slow down a specific opponent which can emulate the unpredictability of real players. If the bank of prebuilt opponents from Arena are used, they could be assigned a guild which would impact who tried to help or slow them down depending on their relations. Prebuilt opponents with static names and equipment are both realistic and necessary to make a good singleplayer game. You can decide at what pace you are going to play the game and you can see how much you improved because of it. EVENTS & NPCS This new singleplayer conquer has toggleable events and quests. Locations of the NPCs are modified if the event was made after the map changes. The idea is to have a conservative amount of NPCs in Twin City and to not remove any of the original ones. In order to achieve this goal, multiple events could be triggered by one NPC. They could also be closer to each other or be in a different map that is accessible from a single object such as a bell named EventManager. Since there is no one to wait for, events could be triggered an unlimited amount of time per day with a timer between each of them in order to reward players who are able to plan their playing style more intelligently. Also, the timer has the advantage of forcing players to diversify their grinding. I think having to wait two times the duration of the event is a good sweet spot. For example, you would need to wait 10 minutes before doing another horse racing event if the race took you 5 minutes. During that time, you can trade your saddles for horses. The timers would only be present for events that already have timers in the original conquer. The duration of the timers is a good candidate for polling. Daily quests are a good example of events that need a timer. These low effort and high pay activities should not be available all the time. ANOTHER PERSONAL TAKE NPCs having no dialogue in most private servers is shocking in my opinion. The town Captains for example, used to give Monster Hunter quests (kill 300 of a specific monster), but they do not have this quest in most servers or it has been altered. Even if you might not like these quests, I think it is very important to keep them because they are a good way to get meteors and experience early in the game from killing monsters you would have killed anyway. I am also nostalgic about Ironsmith Chou who used to give the quest The Helmet. It should be possible to preserve most content without significant side effects or compromise.

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