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Playing Conquer Online alone

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Can someone explain me quickly where I should go or if this site is relevant to my quest of playing Conquer alone with my own server? I want to change resolution, fps and mob spawn rate/loot rate if I ever find how to do it. I am at the hello world level of programming. I am clueless at the moment since no tutorial seem to show the same thing. I currently have not opened custom ports.

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Well, that's hard to say. The private server community has a lot of problems with bad actors. It means a lot of tools and servers people develop out of love for the game never see the light of day or remain private. It's really hard to get started for newcomers, especially when it comes to modifying the client. Your only option really is to pick a source and run with it for as long as you can. Now, I haven't added my thread here yet for popular server downloads... I'll try and remember to do that tonight. To be honest though, the community is very dead.

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    • By Mugaru
      Hi Guys, 

      Since i'm working on a Map Editor for Conquer Online i thought i was needing XNA Studio's. 
      Some people told me that it wasn't available since 2014 anymore and wouldn't work on a VS 2017!

      With a little bit of Googling i found out that it still is possible to install XNA Studio's on your Computer with Visual Studio 2017! 

      The tutorial down here is from the website i found it at, but to not lose it when that website may be shutdown, i'll post it in the spoiler down here! 
      (The needed zip is also attached to this post) 

      Hope this will help some people!


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