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[Proof of Concept] Serverless CO2

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I originally shown the POC in mid-2014, but never released the code, nor saved it on my side. As requested, I took time to redo the POC using unreleased code I had. The messages are based on COPS v7 structure, but modernized for C++17. The crypto classes are based on unreleased and cleaned C++ implementations. They are modernized too and the TQCipher implements SSE2/AVX2 in a single implementation (relatively cleanly). I took the time to document the hooking process too. Hopefully it will help people!

Small note, the bootstrap executable which launch the game and inject the server now has 3 injection methods... My original code was not working and I thought it was related to new Windows 10 security features, so I wrote other injection methods. These new methods weren't working either and I realized I had a typo in the DLL project name, so the DLL name was not right on disk... Well, bonus for you, the bootstrap now have 3 documented ways to inject a DLL.

As always, feel free to reuse the code. It is released under a BSD 3-clauses license, so just give credits when due.




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