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Hello everyone I went by varies name over the years such as Rylee,Matek and lately Epoch. I been in the conquer private scene dating back to Qonquer 1 days (leveling). I ran servers on and off for about 6 years, my most successful ones being ProjectPVP,Epoch. I ran only binaries servers due to my limited knowledge, but I recently decided to actually learn C# which I will in the upcoming days to expand my learning. Over the years I met some good people such as Smallxmac,Jared(idk his name nowadays), Sedat(turk55,Omicron), and enjoy my time with them. I currently am running a Co server EpochCommunity which is mainly focus into bringing a more of a community aspect into the conquer scene which I believe has been lacking since the days of Qonquer,AcidCo,HybridCo,COWS. My hobbies i would say nowdays is listening to music (Taylor swift,Anne Marie,Dua lipa) along with some old school hip-hop, Playing epoch here and there and thinking of new ideas to improve on it. 

If anyone know any good starting material for C# I'll happily look over it. 

Special thanks for Spirited/Fang for inviting me to be part of this community.

I know my grammar isn't the best but hope it gets the point across.

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Welcome to Cooldown! Good luck on your C# ventures. If you ever need help with that, you can shoot my a PM. 

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Glad to have you on the board, I know we as a board could help you with C# questions if they are detailed and you feel other online resources have been exhausted. Regardless we are building a community and encourage discussion. 

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