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Conquer Map Editor/Creator

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Hi guys, 

i’m new here and also pretty dummy in programming in C#.

Anyway, im working on a CO2 DMap editor. What i’ve done now; is reading out the binary of a dmap file. Got the portals and all other info about coords, if they are walkable or just not! 

My question to you guys is, is this the right way to build such a thing? Or would you do it another way? 


Kind regards, 



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I plan on releasing my game map editor for Conquer Online when I have more time put into Chimera (another project I'm working on). I had a lot of the map editor done, but I'd like to rewrite it in C# for better expandibility in the future. It's not that much for me to write, so maybe I'll work on that again soon. For now, I'd recommend looking at the Eudemons client source code, which is public. Or, you can work on other tools if you have a backlog. 

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