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Running Conquer Online 2.0 on Linux Ubuntu using Wine

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I got a bit bored this evening while waiting for a download, and so I got Conquer Online working on a spare Linux machine. If playing a dead game on an operating system it wasn't meant for sounds right up your ally, maybe your laptop can't support Windows 10 or something for the latest security updates, then start by installing Ubuntu Desktop 18.04. Once you're up and running, update your system. Once rebooted after updating, install Wine and PlayOnLinux from the Ubuntu Software app. Then, open PlayOnLinux and do the following:

  1. Click "Install" and then select "Install a non-listed program".
  2. Select "Install a program in a new virtual drive".
  3. As the name of the instance, call it "conquer".
  4. For pre-installation steps, select "Configure Wine" and "Install some libraries".
  5. Select a 32-bit Windows installation.
  6. Once the Configure Wine window opens, select "Windows XP" as the Windows Version.
  7. Click Ok and select the following libraries to install on the next screen:

  8. Wait for everything to download and install, pressing next here and there.
  9. Eventually, you'll be asked for an executable to run. Copy the client onto the conquer virtual drive (shortcut in your home folder).
  10. Select "Browse" for an executable to run (or skip). Once ran, you'll be asked to create a shortcut. Select "conquer.exe" from browse.
  11. After adding the shortcut, select "I don't want to make another shortcut".
  12. Select "Conquer" from the main menu and click on "Configure".
  13. Add "blacknull" as an argument under General. Set the video memory size to a larger MB size under Display.

Tada, you can now run Conquer Online on Linux (I think, I didn't actually try logging into a server).
PS: If you get a page fault exception, update your video drivers.

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