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Musicpulator - Library to analyze and manipulate music

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From a consumer standpoint, I think this is a very interesting and exciting project. I can see why a manager would perk up over tools made from this library. From an engineering standpoint, I think it's cool what you came up with for analyzing music using programmed musical theory, but I still have a hard time ingesting one aspect of this project. I know we've spoken about this before to varying degrees of "here nor there", but the scale of the open-source library is going to be very limited to those who understand D or wish to port your library away from D to a more popular language. I know this is (of course) not a concern for a secondary open-source library branch, and you should definitely program in whichever language you're most comfortable in, but it does limit its adoption and maintainability by the community. Again though, great work. I'm glad you were able to share a portion of this with us. It's a very interesting and cool project, and I hope you continue to post about it. I'd be interested to learn how this progresses past this point. Thanks.

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It'd be interesting if you made a very simple/basic command-line interface for the framework for those interested in an example of how to use the framework / test it. I'm not sure how much work you want to put into the open-source version, but examples are a pretty common thing I see with newer/well established repos.

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