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TV Cabinet Project

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I got a bit bored of my cheap, IKEA TV cabinet. I was brainstorming ideas with a friend, and what doesn't look better with RGB LEDs? So, I present to you, my modified TV cabinet with RGB LEDs. The LEDs are powered by the consoles themselves, but since most of the consoles power their USBs all the time, I put switches on each strip to turn them on and off with ease. I added a fan to my PS4's case, so the door can closed and air will still get sucked in through the large door crack to cool the system. I powered my SNES Classic on the same switch as the LEDs (since the manual states not to leave it plugged in). Additionally, I had to add an AV composite switch and HDMI switch to get all the consoles plugged into my 4K TV.


Here's a list of the parts I used (in case you want to do something similar):

  • RGB LEDs: Colored lights can support all kinds of colors and patterns (pulsing looks really cool, but I have solid)
  • USB Switches: Easy On/Off switches for USB LEDs
  • USB Extension: Used for extending the 2.1A USB for powering both the SNES Classic and LEDs on the same switch
  • USB Y Cable Splitter: Used for powering both the SNES Classic and LEDs
  • USB Hub with Buttons: Allows me to turn off the PS4 fan, lights, and controller charger individually
  • Composite Switch: Used to plug-in the PS2 and N64 (with room to grow)
  • HDMI Switch: Used to switch between the Switch, Wii U, XBOX 360, and SNES Classic (PS4 plugged into the TV directly for 4K HDR).



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I think this is a pretty awesome look. It is great that from a normal standing height you will not be able to see the LED bar. I really don't care for seeing the actual light, rather just the effects. 

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Thanks! I'm really happy with how it turned out. Also, awesome that I got an excuse to use my new camera. It's such a tiny little camera, but damn did it do a good job. I only edited the PS2's scratches out. The rest is completely unedited, and the pictures look great! It's so shocking what 10 years can do. Entry level camera for a super compact SLR vs. entry level Canon mirrorless camera now.


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