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Tasks in Golang

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Tasks is a library for implementing an async-await design pattern in Golang for recoverable, safe goroutine execution. Allows goroutines to be waited upon, canceled, etc. using channels and wait groups. Statuses are returned for fault tolerance checks. If the child goroutine panics, the task recovers and doesn't stop the main execution of the program.


Below is a simple example of implementing tasks for a single task and multiple tasks. More examples can be found in tasks_test.go, where 100% of the code is covered by tests.

import "spirited.io/tasks"

// This is an example of a single task
task := tasks.Start(nil, MyFunction)
import (

// This is an example of a single task
var wg sync.WaitGroup
tasks.Start(&wg, MyFirstFunction)
tasks.Start(&wg, MySecondFunction)



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