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Hello everyone,

On behalf of the staff I would like to thank you, member or guest, in being interested about our community.

Our goal with this community is quite simple. We want to create an environment where developers, both professional and hobby, can share ideas and progress as a way to grow together. Our entire community is designed to encourage sharing and helpful comments. Our community guidelines go into more details about what is acceptable and not acceptable.

Our history as a community is rather strange. Many of our founding members and early users were a part of our last community. That community was revolved around a game called Conquer Online. This is where many of our founding members got into programming or spent most of their time outside of work. This is also a reason it is a main section under games programming.  While this is not the main focus of our community it is still a part of our history that will be brought forth. 

Our name is Cooldown. The origin of cooldown is a product of non-creative minds trying to come up with a name. At least speaking from my point of view. The idea behind the name is a play on word for a skill/spell in a game. Where your day job is where you do your normal work and this community is where you can come while on your cooldown period and express technology you might not be using in your day to day.

Best Regard,
Smallxmac & Staff

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