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Readme: Advertisement Rules

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Hey there!

Got a Conquer Online private server you'd like to share? Before you do, please keep the following rules in mind when advertising your server:

  1. No shop or gambling focused servers
  2. Outgoing links from Cooldown must be secured over HTTPS
  3. Outgoing links from Cooldown must contain a linkback to help the community find other servers which meet these standards
  4. Outgoing links must run on up-to-date hosting software no older than 2 years ago
  5. Player passwords should be hashed before being stored in the database, i.e. no plaintext passwords
  6. Player account recovery should validate identity, whether through security codes or emailed validation codes/links
  7. Server owners must advertise their servers, and should not post more than 1 advertisement per 6 months across all servers
  8. Servers should not run on Hamachi or similar dynamic server IP services which require installing network clients
  9. Please use thread tags rather than jamming all of your server features into the title of the thread

For linkbacks, please post a link to Cooldown in text or using our logo (dark, light, banner).

Dead server topics will be hidden, but not deleted permanently.

Lastly, remember to be open-minded and honest when accepting feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or another staff member at any time. We're here to help. Good luck and have fun!

Best Regards,
Spirited & Staff

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