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Conquer Origins

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Conquer Origins was brought to existence as a way to replicate the prime days of the popular and beloved multiplayer game Conquer Online. Throughout the years, many things have changed in the game, shifting it completely from its essence what from what veterans remember it for. Our goal at Conquer Origins is to provide a small niche of people with the opportunity to relive those days once again, meeting new people whom they may one day call friends and create a few more memories of the game to remember.

The main focus we have is to please our community and make sure that everyone who join us is having a great time. Therefore, feedback is something extremely valued by us and it's something we're consistenly asking from our community as it is the only way for us to understand everyone's needs and what direction the server should take.

Our history
We're certain most people have either heard or played our very first server: Shannara. It has run for 3+ years, was the most populated classic server for almost 2 years and has given us both the experience and the motivation to run a server and manage communities. Last summer, the community that was playing at the time requested us to work on a new server with lower rates, without some of the custom content we had at Shannara and with some improvements in terms of quality of life (QoL) gameplay, amongst many other things. For nearly a year we restructured most of the Shannara source (that already had 3+ years of work in it) and tried to squeeze out every single bug we could find. We believe Shannara has put out tons of groundbreaking and unique content and with Origins we expect not only to keep that legacy but make it even better.

What can you expect?

  • Level 130 as the maximum level you can achieve
  • All official monsters and default spawns locations
  • Maximum composition level being the original +9
  • All official quests and events there were in the game
  • Identical calculations for Experience, Damage, etc.
  • Identical algorithms for all sort of spells (Line, Fan, Collide, etc.)
  • Original classes (Archer, Warrior, Trojan, Water, Fire)
  • Original composition system

What have we improved?

  • Possibility to run the game at Fullscreen and custom resolutions
  • Increased view/jump range
  • Set custom FPS limit according to your needs
  • Modern Quality of Life features to enhance the player experience
  • Custom power-leveling matching system
  • Custom Anticheat to prevent players from using hacks/cheats
  • Implemented support for custom cosmetics (weapon skins)
  • Custom launcher that lets you customize your game client

Our rates
When Conquer Origins was launched, we knew there were going to be bugs and lots of balancing to be done due to the fact we had restructured most of the source. Therefore, we made the decision to launch the server with really low rates without any multipliers meaning they were identical to the official rates. We have ran the server like that for a few months now and only recently we've significantly buffed the rates which will allow new players to easily catch up with the ones who've been testing and helping improve the server. Since rates may suffer some changes from time to time or due to special events, we'll be leaving an URL at the end of the thread where you'll be able to check the current rates at all times.

Custom Content
Ever since the release of Origins we have been putting out custom content that is improving the gameplay of our community. I'll be leaving some screenshots of features that include but are not limited to: user-friendly voting system that will remind you when you can vote again, quest dialog where you can check your available quests, advanced mining and hunting options for VIP players, changelog that will let you check all the new and previous changes, ground items displaying the item quality and composition and much more.


Visit us: https://www.conquerorigins.com/
Check our rates: https://www.conquerorigins.com/Statistics/Rates
Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/wX2K7sG






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