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Can you still download updates of a games server shuts down?

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I didn't really know how to word the title but to elaborate, I know that the servers for digital games sometimes get shut down and in that case it would be better to have a physical coot of the game you're trying to play. So let's say you put the disc in and install the game, do all all of the updates install as well or are you literally playing the unpatched version of a game? I'll gladly try to be more specific if I wasnt clear in asking the question. Thanks for any help.https://discord.software/ fetLife itunes

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If the servers are shut down, that usually means the patch servers will likely be taken down too. So in that case, whatever you have on the disc will be what you are stuck with. This is the case with almost all modern games.

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This is why it's important to have mirrors and archives for downloads for an online game, and some way of applying patches manually. Autopatches are nice, but limited if something goes wrong with either the network or service/client configuration.

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