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Hello world - Zen

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Hi people,

here I am on this board to introduce myself, say hi and hope to discuss with some (if not all) of you.

I am currently working as a Junior Network Consultant after graduating from a Master's Degree in the field of Systems, Networks and Virtualization of both.

I used to play Conquer Online when I was way younger, and like most of the players, I was disgusted by the difference of level between standard players and the ones who were purchasing CPs with real money. I then started to play alternately on both private and public servers. This is when I have learnt about proxy bots and private server sources. I wanted to dig more into the programming and networking, and that's how I got to study computer sciences and landed where I am now.

As of today, programming is not the skill that I should develop professionnaly, but this is something that I have always liked doing for University works, or for fun. I'd also really like to accomplish two projects of mine since forever.

  1. Write my own proxy bot for conquer online (on a local private server instance would suit me fine).
  2. Write my own private server source.

The hows and whys I got here are really simple. I've had the opportunity to read a lot about CO2 programming, in particular from EPvPers board, where I saw lots of posts from Spirited there. By following some of his works, I found the CO2 wiki page that I consider a gold mine, and this board that looks attractive and seems to gather what I am looking for : nice people who I can ask help to or discuss with.

I'm also seeking for people who have great interest into CO2 programming/knowledge in order to get as much information from as possible.

Thanks for reading, and see you hopefully on this board.

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Hi @Zen,

Glad to have you here, this board is mostly made up of people with similar stories to yourself. I have also taken an interest in packet sniffing and packet analysis in conquer. 

I hope you can spark some great conversation and discussion. Lots of people here like well put together technical discussions.

Looking forward to discussing with you more, welcome to CoolDown!

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Hello @Smallxmac,


thank you for the warm welcome. I have indeed noticed that many people had a story close to mine, it means as many people interested in this topic.

I really look forward sharing questions, ideas or codes with all the community, within the limited spare time I can dedicate to this.

Thanks again!

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I'm still working on my server, but progress has slowed down because of time constraints. However, I have learned a lot from it.

One of the best places to get (already discovered) information is Spirited's Wiki. You can find a lot of the packet structures there that will get you started. 

Welcome to the club!

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Hi @W1cked,

thank you for your message!

I have no doubt that you've learnt a lot from working on a private server source. Plus, there are plenty of sources out there that we can look into.

However, I would say that I am much more interested in the proxy-bot project for the time being, and the reasons for that are pretty simple in fact.

  1. I think it's easier than writing my own source : i.e less things to take care of such as skills implementation, monsters behavior, world interactions etc.
  2. Focuses more on the network programming : sockets & packets management, ciphering.
  3. Possibility to work on interesting algorithms : path-finding, looting strategies etc.
  4. Encourages to work on the game client reverse-engineering : to find out where the packet manipulations takes place in particular.

I'm not saying that working on a private server source is not interesting (on the contrary, I'll be using one to learn from), but writing a source or customizing one is not the topic I really want to focus on.

Thanks for the Wiki link! I already knew about its existence indeed, and I think it's really great to have it migrated to GitLab. I found really good sections for my needs. I only missed a community and some time. Now that I have found the community, I just need to get the time!

Thanks again for your welcome!

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